Mr Wife’s Surname

My newly wedded Wife and I have taken the very unusual step of taking her surname as our family name. Why? Partly as she has a far more interesting surname to my generic surname and there is also a little bit of us that wants to challenge the patriarchal norms. Although, we also do tend to agree that she is, in the most part, the one who wears the trousers. As with many couples, we’ve had disagreements over time, often testing the power-dynamic of who’s in charge. But, as often is the case, I admitted defeat and fully came to terms with what most women probably already know already. And what some men might not admit: that women are in charge.

But why change my surname to hers? Well, when it comes to us, she probably has a claim to the title of ‘Head of the Household’ anyway: she tends to organise and arrange almost all of our daily lives, consulting me in the process of course. But she ultimately makes the decisions.  And I am grateful for it as my life is far richer, healthier and interesting for it. A huge improvement on the life of a post-student bachelor.

So, in a way, its perhaps only right that I take her name.


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