I wanted to write about a rather interesting evening I had just last week. My Wife was away for work for a few days and had stayed on to meet up with a friend on the Friday night. Despite being the end of the week, I was in no mood to go out with the guys for after-work pints. Instead I was quite satisfied playing house. As she was due to be home on Saturday and had been away for most of the week I was looking forward to getting our flat in ship-shape for her return. I wouldn’t say I enjoy domestic chores, per se, but I do love the feeling of a clean house. Everything in it’s place and knowing all the chores are done and dusted!

Anyone, I quite literally had my apron and gloves on, clearing away dishes and cleaning the kitchen when I started to get progress updates from my Wife. ‘Mmmm, Cocktails :-)!’ she exclaimed. I could imagine her right there and then, a little tipsy, a little flirty and  having a good time. She’d been quite busy and was out of the country at least once a week lately, so I was glad she was getting the chance to let her hair down.
Knowing that I always do a cleaning spree before she gets back, she began teasing me by telling me what chores she expected done, along with a winking emoticon. Soon after, more texts tell me that the barman has more cocktails on the way and that she’d informed them that her ‘Wife-husband’, as she begins to call me, is home on a Friday night carrying out the domestic chores. All whilst she is out having a good time.
I know it’s all a bit of fun and I certainly didn’t mind. Infact, I was proud to be at home making our home look beautiful; fluffed up pillows, clean sheets, all the chores done. What a great way to wake up on a Saturday morning and start the weekend!
The next day, I looked forward to getting up and making sure everything is ‘just right’ for her return. A trip to market means I can get some fresh flowers and all the essentials we need for the weekend. I know she’ll be a little hungover and will be travelling for 5 or 6 hours on a what is a sunny Saturday afternoon so I want to give her something to look forward to. Before she arrives, I take a few minutes to sort myself out and make sure I’m ready. (Wife-husband or not, no Wife wants to come home to an unwashed mess with coco-pops stuck in his overgrown beard.) I give her a big hug and welcome her home as she gives a huge exhausted smile. I draw her a steaming hot bath and make this weary and grateful Wife cup of tea. And as she bathes, I dutifully get on with unpacking her bags and washing her clothes. After she emerges, I put out some snacks out and we collapse on the sofa for an early night.
A happy wife and home.

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