A Good Wife

I love Saturdays! I always get up before my Wife and bring her tea whilst she gently wakes up. After turning on the radio, I pop on an apron and cook breakfast, which I then served to my Wife in bed. With a big smile, she tells me how much of a good husband I am. It is no secret that I do like to look after her.
This morning, as she eat breakfast, I heard something heavy drop by the front door. Not the usual letters. I toddled along to the front door and found what looked like a thick magazine on the floor, wrapped in plastic. I picked it up and could see it had my name on it. And not my ‘maiden’ name but my new surname. And my name had ‘Mrs’ in front of it. Almost all letters for us are in her name so it was unusual for me to get anything in the post. I suddenly felt very proud to be her husband and have her surname. She had told me before that she is not comfortable with anyone calling me ‘Mr Her Surname’, as that was her father. I had therefore opted out of using ‘Mr’ where possible and didn’t think much about having a title. But now I guess I’m ‘Mrs’ then. I’m not sure what she is. ‘Ms’ I guess?
Assuming she bought the package for me, I took it to show her. ‘Can I open it?’ I asked. ‘Ofcourse you can, dear’. It was a copy of ‘Good Housekeeping’. I wasn’t too sure what to make of it. It had articles in it such as ‘6 easy ways to make pretty napkin rings’, ‘Is this the secret to making dishes cleaner’, ‘home decorating ideas’. All sorts. And for me. She said that it wasn’t enough helping with the chores (which I did almost all of) but as she was getting even more busy with work, she needed to take a step back from domestic life. And that I should be taking the lead in making our new house a home. Up until now, our roles had been gender stereotypical. I did DIY and she decided on the decoration. She picked the cupboards. I built them. She picked the colour. I did the painting. I didn’t mind the change I suppose. It meant I got to do some of the fun design stuff too. What’s more is that she’ll even pay experienced tradesmen to come in to do the DIY stuff. ‘To get the professional finish’, she said. I have to say I was a little offended by that. But, hey, I get to make the decisions on the decorating for our new marital home which I really think I am going to enjoy. Well, just as long as I get her approval of course!


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