Domestic bliss

We were out to dinner a few nights ago when the waiter came across to take our order. My Wife ordered and in the same breath went on to give my order and what I’ll be drinking. She decided I should be having the salad and a diet coke. On the one hand it, it felt wonderful to have her so Mistressful. On the other, I was wanting a burger. She tells me we should be taking care of ourselves. No letting go just because we’re married now. Being married is making me healthier albeit sometimes against my will. But I knew what I signed up for. After ordering, she pulls out a little present for me. I unwrap it, suddenly feeling very self-conscious. It was a very feminine apron. She had done this sort of thing several times before. Doing something in public or in front of people that is clearly to put me in my place. Like the time when my parents were at our place for dinner, and after the meal when my parents began to help clearing up, she said ‘oh, don’t worry about clearing up, he’ll do it’, referring to me. I did the clearing up with my parents and her watched, giggling, like it was somehow funny for a man to be doing chores. Or the time one of her friends arrived at our flat unannounced and my Wife instructed me to ‘serve them tea’, in the same manner that the lady of the house in Downton Abbey instructs her maids. I’d either laughed it off as ‘tongue in cheek’ or had suppressed an annoyance. Or even the time at halloween when she made me wear a dalmatian outfit whilst she dressed as Cruella de Ville. And we quite literally walked into the party with her holding a leash to the collar on my neck. Looking back, I actually think I enjoyed that. Possibly oblivious to the larger power dynamic going on. Now, I cherish serving her and kneeling on the floor in front of her rubbing her feet. Not that I would do that with anyone present ofcourse.
The girly apron was pink and satin with a white frills. It went from below the neck to above the knee and had four white satin ties that went over the shoulders and around the wait, presumably to make a nice big bow. She pulled it from me and stood up, placing it across her skirt. ‘This will look really nice on you, pretty in pink! You don’t like it?’ she says, as I look embarrassed which was clearly her goal. But I decide to match her and say ‘Where does it say the words: Property of you.’ She smiled and responded with, ‘there’s a good boy’. 
Although we weren’t alone in the restaurant, no one had heard us. Everyone was engrossed in their own conversation. It felt really good to be in public without hiding how our relationship worked. And when we arrived home home, she told me to go put on my apron and do the ironing. Her’s first. Mine second. 
Ahh! Domestic bliss 🙂


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